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Clear Protective Waterproof Roof Sealer

Over time roof tiles become porous, this leads to moss and algae becoming more prevelant and increasingly difficult to remove. After your roof has been cleaned we recommend sealing the roof to inhibit the re-growth of moss. Our roof sealer is a clear, impregnating sealer designed for use on concrete, slate and clay roofs.

Clean Roof UK clear sealer for roof tiles changes the chemical structure of any roof tile, rendering it water resistant. By creating a water resistant barrier the growth of algae, lichen and moss will be greatly inhibited. Application of roof sealer also protect the concrete pointing upon the ridge of the roof.

Benefits of Protective Roof Sealer 

One coat application will render tiles water resistant * Highly resistant to water, staining and organic growth
Will not change appearance of concrete, slate or clay roof tiles
Sealer lifespan up to 15 years * Protection of pointing * Impregnating, breathable waterproof sealer * Odour free

Clean Roof UK are suppliers of quality sealing products for roofs. We work with a database of professional roof cleaners who operate across the United Kingdom who provide a complete roof cleaning and service.  'Clean Roof UK Registered Contractors' are established, fully insured roofing companies, with proven experience in the industry.

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