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If your roof is covered in moss, we have the solution.......

As roofs become older, the original protective layer on the face of the roof tile is gradually eroded by the elements. This type of erosion increases the porosity of the tile, allowing moisture to penetrate easily into the roof tiles. Moss will only thrive on damp or wet surfaces, and the moisture retained in the roof tile enables moss spores to establish themselves and become ingrained within the tile. On the majority of properties, it is the North or West facing that experience the greatest problems.
The build-up off moss on a roof is not only unsightly but can lead to blocked gutters and drains. Because moss retains a lot of moisture, the roof will also be consistently wet, this creates far greater heat transference through the roof increasing fuel bills and damp growth within the home. We provide a nationwide professional moss removal service. Once your roof is clear of moss we would recommend the application of a protective sealer or moss preventative treatment to inhibit future moss growth.


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